1. Take advantage of casino bonuses and special offers

Now that you are aware of how slot machines work, another important tip is to choose reputable online casinos. What exactly does that mean? In general, casinos that care about whether their players have a safe and fair gaming environment are the ones that really care about their players.

Besides that, everyone knows how competitive the gambling industry gets when it comes to attracting players, mainly because of the numerous free casino offers. It’s not a gimmick, they are just competing for customer loyalty. So, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to take advantage of these situations, is there?

All casino bonuses really do exist, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of them and enjoy them.

Once you have chosen the licensed casino of your liking, take a look at their section called Promotions or Offers. In almost every casino you will find the welcome bonus or the full welcome package to get you started with the game.

Also, some casinos will offer you additional freebies in the form of cashback bonuses, special promotions and other gifts. You don’t have to use them all, but you do have the option to choose them, as they can make the game even more interesting. When selected carefully and with a bit of luck on your side, special offers can be a great way to boost your bankroll. Before you gamble with real money, read our guide to online casino bonuses and learn even more about each one.

2. Types of slot machines

The next thing you can do is to do your own research on the best online slots by type. If you’ve ever wondered how many types there are, our blog on slot machine types will come in handy.

The ones you are most likely to come across are the following types of slot machines, sorted by their categories:

  • By playability (classic, video or progressive).
  • By gaming location (physical slots vs. online slots).
  • By coin denomination.
  • By number of reels and paylines.
  • By type (Class II machines or Class III machines).
  • By RTP (Return of Theoretical Payouts).

There are several types of slot machines you can try – classic, video or progressive slots and it is very important to understand how they work and what you can expect from them. Once you figure out which one(s) you like, set your bets carefully, choose the number of paylines, if possible, and pay attention to both the volatility of a slot, and the RTP of the game.

3. Look closely at the table and paylines of a slot machine

A crucial part of any gaming session is to check the paytable, especially if it’s a chance to trigger some nice bonus rounds or free spins. Because, if you don’t check the paytable, how else will you know how to trigger them? So, as we’ve already mentioned, the paytable can’t help you make winning combos, but it can guide you in the right direction.

First of all, by checking the paytable you will understand the difference between high-paying symbols and low-paying symbols. It can be very stressful trying to work something out if you haven’t checked the paytable before, can’t it? In case you have, but were left with some questions, don’t worry, the paytable can be opened at any time to cross-reference your wins and losses.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the number of paylines the slot you have chosen has. You may wonder why. Well, in order to win, you’ll have to land matching symbols on those paylines. The paylines of a slot machine can vary from 1 to 1024 or more. Now, to get the maximum possible winning potential, of course, you should play with all paylines active. If you don’t activate them, that’s fine, but remember that, if you play with the reduced number of paylines, slot symbols will not pay if they land on inactive paylines.

However, if you decide to play a jackpot slot, you will usually be required to activate all paylines in order to have a chance of winning. Also, a lot of new generation slot machines will have fixed paylines, which means that you will not be able to choose how many active paylines you want to play on, and you will simply play and bet automatically on all of them.

4. Assess a slot’s volatility

Well, you’ve got your first slot tip, but we’ve got plenty more to share with you. Winning at the best slots can also depend on their variance. But what does volatility mean? Don’t worry, we explained it all in our blog about how to choose the variance of a slot, however we’ll go over it here as well.

You may know this term as variation, but the two mean exactly the same thing and any player will have their ”own variation” that they want to play with. Choosing the right volatility can be vital in your search for the answers to how to beat a slot machine. Now, in simple terms, the volatility of a slot machine tells you how often a game will pay out. Most slot machines indicate the level of volatility and you will easily spot it in the game description. All slot machines can be marked according to the following categories:

  • Low volatility;
  • Medium volatility;
  • High volatility.

Naturally, if you choose a low volatility game, this often means that you will get small wins more often, but it also does not mean that the game will not pay out larger wins. Vice versa, it is known that the high volatility game can award larger amounts to players, but not as frequently. Keep in mind that, if you play a high volatility game, you have to be prepared to invest patience in the task, but also your wallet.

Choose an online slot with the right volatility for both your style and your wallet.

Play slots that suit only your playing style and not the ones that others tell you to play. If your budget is modest, you may want to consider low variance games to start with and then gradually work your way up according to your pocket and comfort. Choosing the right volatility of a slot game could help you in the long run. But don’t forget one important thing – you can switch games whenever you want and switch between volatility levels as well, depending on how lucky you feel.

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