The platform is the basis of the casino, its skeleton. It allows you to add games, accept players, pay, charge bonuses and perform all other functions. The experience of playing in a casino, no matter which, large and known as Casino PlayAmo or just opened, largely depends on the platform on which the online casino is built.

Where do casino platforms come from?

There are many vendors who are developing this kind of software. And among them are the well-known players Microgaming and Playtech. These two giants not only produce online gambling but also develop gaming platforms. Moreover, they are considered one of the best in this area. Well, and, accordingly, one of the most expensive.

Microgaming is the author of the first-ever online casino software. According to official figures, this was back in 1994. Since then, a lot has changed, but the first operator launched on their software still exists and still uses a solution from Microgaming.

Platform acquisition options

As with any business where there is competition, there are platforms for different budgets. The largest operators create their own software that exactly matches their needs. Reputable casinos that maintain high standards use expensive platforms from the best providers. But there are also cheaper options that can offer quality corresponding to the price.

In the lower segment, there are also not entirely conscientious companies, whose promises do not correspond to reality. Therefore, as for the players, the question of choosing a casino arises, so investors in online casinos should be careful when choosing a gaming platform.

The price issue is probably the determining factor here. The larger the budget, the more individual project you can get. The amounts can be completely different. If you use casino platforms from top developers, it comes out quite expensive.

For example, a solution from Microgaming and expenses for the first year of the project’s life require about one and a half million dollars. The bottom line is several tens of thousands of dollars. As a rule, a potential investor has a choice of three options:

  • White Label – the client is offered everything ready-made. Platform, payments, license, collection of games, ready-made website templates. All that remains is to put your logo and you can start the project. This is exactly the case when casinos can be like two peas in a pod. But the solution is the fastest and cheapest, hence its popularity. Even the support service is included in the price. Basically, the investor is only required to pay the supplier.
  • Turnkey – the client receives the platform, but does the rest on his own. He creates his own website, connects payment systems, receives a license. If everything is provided in the previous version, then here you will need to take care of a lot yourself. Of course, this gives you more control over the project and more opportunity to stand out.
  • Developing your own platform is the most expensive option. But the potential return from it will also be greater since you can get an individual project that is not like other projects.

It should be noted right away that, contrary to the beliefs of some particularly suspicious players, this does not include control of the return of games. The generation of game results takes place on the servers of the developers who installed these games. And the casino itself has nothing to do with this process.

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