Although we often use the word “trick” when approaching attempts to win at online roulette, we must bear in mind that it is not possible to guarantee any system capable of going against reality: that in all casino games, players start with a theoretical disadvantage that will always result in losses in the long run. 

Trick does not mean cheating

Although in land-based casinos the possibility of cheating is minimal due to the great control that exists on the part of the employees, in online casinos it is impossible. In addition to the fact that the gaming software is verified and authorised by independent laboratories and by the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation itself.

Strategies are not a trick either

As we have said, going against mathematics and trying to make it work in the long term is not viable and condemns us to losses. So we should not pay special attention to messages such as “strategies to win at roulette”. Such content should be read with nuance.

That is why the tricks for European roulette we refer to are tricks that serve to improve our real chances: they are mostly topics related to psychology and self-control, managing our money and scheduling our gambling sessions in advance and confirming this in our decision-making process.

In short, what we would call the tricks to winning at European roulette would be:

  • Know all the bets that can be made and choose the one that we enjoy the most: it is advisable to choose a form of play, whether it is for example betting on single numbers (full house) or multiple bets (red or black, odd or even, thirds…) and go with it all the way to the end. We know in any case that it is chance and roulette spins are independent events.
  • Knowing how to withdraw in time. Extending the session is a problem because if we are winning, we are giving the variance a chance to take effect. As we have already said: playing European roulette we are fighting against the odds, better to bet on one number, bet on several and be aware that some are left uncovered. But in case of winning, even if the profit is small, it is better to withdraw, because the key to the success of roulette is that it allows us to enjoy and get to know the mechanics and be able to make decisions in one of the most popular casino games.

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Avoid Martingale

Betting on European roulette with the doubling down method is a bad formula. The technique consists of doubling your bets when you lose, in order to always try to win back double what you have lost. But this does not work in the long run for several reasons:

  • European roulette has a betting limit so we will not be allowed to double indefinitely.
  • our money is not infinite, so we will not be able to double it when we have several failures in a row.
  • sequences of bad streaks are common and in the long run they always appear!

In short, the best trick to win at European roulette is to understand that we are not talking about a game like heads or tails. Studying from the field of mathematical probability we have to take into account that we know that it is not a game in which we have a 50% chance of winning. That is why the best advice is to avoid all these ideas about “beating the house”; either ignoring Martingale roulette strategies or rejecting outright similar or Martingale-based strategies; in this case we refer to Martingale variations that although they modify some classic elements such as bet size, or instead of doubling the bet they triple it, or include moments in which you stop betting…

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